View Full Version : Anyone notice Abit AB9Pro kicking a$$ in this review?

04-25-07, 01:28 PM

The review is NOT for the Abit but in all the tests I care about (gaming) the AW9 and AB9Pro kept coming up at top. With the AB9Pro COMPLETELY wiping the floor with it's gaming scores compared to the others.

By todays standards it's an older board yet still supports Quads. It even beats out it's replacement from Abit!

Is this some magic cow of a gaming board?


04-25-07, 02:16 PM
It's had BIOS revisions and is a very solid board. P965 is great if you aren't bothering with SLi. You have high memory speed capability and FSB ranging from 515-545 typically.

Other solid P965 boards; Asus P5B Deluxe Wifi, Asus Commando, DFI Infinity P965-S, and Abit AB9 QuadGT. The DFI Infinity P965-S is currently the same price as the Abit AB9 Pro @ Newegg. (139usd) That list is not exhaustive. BTW there is nothing wrong with the QuadGT. The fellow linked below is doing 553 x 7.


If you haven't bought a motherboard yet, you may wish to wait. Bearlake (or as I call it Beerlake:p) P35 is incoming. The NDA should be up 5/21 according to this thread-