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04-27-07, 02:43 PM
I currently cannot get my ISDN to work with Vista. Drivers are completely outdated and Billion who made the card don't support it's drivers development anymore.

So does anyone here, know of any manufacturers/brands that make ISDN cards and compatible ISDN drivers with Vista?

Any help greatly appreciated :D

-If your wondering why the heck i have ISDN - can't get anything faster in my area :o

04-27-07, 03:02 PM
Move to America. :D That will fix your problem. Boston is real nice this time of year and you'll fit right in. :D

I'm just kidding.

04-29-07, 12:40 PM
i did a quick search around google, and looks like you aren't the only one with this problem.. Yikes...

If I was in your case, I'd look around to see if there are any external ISDN router boxes that handle all the ISDN stuff internally, so that you can just connect to it via ethernet... that way you never have to worry about operating systems again.

Or consider building or cobbling a separate cheap computer just to host your ISDN card, and set it up to network/bridge/foward/share your connect out, via ethernet... Never had to do that, so no idea how its done, but its definitely possible.. basically, you are turning that computer into a router. It would be a neat project to do under Linux, if you want to hassle with it.

That way on your main computer, you can run anything you want, and just connect via Ethernet to your other router/computer that takes care of the ISDN stuff.

Or hope that Vista driver gets written.

PS, not all areas in the US have DSL or highspeed cable. I know a few people that have to use ISDN still, since they live at the edges of town. The price you pay if you want acres of land to yourself.

04-29-07, 01:22 PM
Solution: Go back to a better operating system like XP.

04-29-07, 02:57 PM
Yeah I just suggest getting a cheap computer for like $50, and loading up m0n0wall on it. (Best firewall IMO)