View Full Version : lcd questions, help needed.

04-27-07, 05:28 PM
I have a ****load of questions, I'll be grateful for any answers.

1. Do a lot of VA panels have any banding whatsoever?

2. If one is 8 bit is its color reproduction superior due to superior contrast over ips panels? do they really have the best contrast, the darkest, truest, blacks and truer whites?

3. Do most VA panels have input lag?

4. Would a 5 ms gray-gray response time on a VA panel still have noticeable ghosting compared to a 5 ms IPS?

5. I checked prad.de and found that there are "glossy" coatings (like my NEC WMGX2), then I saw that panels w/ ag neovo's optical glass were referred to as having a "screening grid." What's the difference?

6. do most VA panels run hotter than some ips panels do?

I realised how much my NEC 20wmGX2 ****in sucks dick, so I want to buy

another lcd as soon as possible. I've never wanted a tn panel, and this is an

IPS panel. I'd like to thank everyone for any answers to the above

questions. One thing I do like about my NEC is that there truly is no

ghosting that interferes with gameplay, but otherwise it's quite terrible.

and no input lag, but otherwise it's quite terrible.