View Full Version : Help with Samsung 244t

04-28-07, 01:00 AM
I got a Samsung 244t a few weeks ago and I love it. big upgrade from my old samsung CRT. Anyways I did use the software that came with it to ajust the monitor. but once I upgraded my video drivers the monitor software wouldnt work. I notice now some colors show up "fuzzy" and I figured it was because my monitors setup with out of the box settings. Anyone have any advice on what software to use or how I can fix this. And sorry if theres a thread about this already. I tried to do a search but couldnt find anything.

04-28-07, 01:56 AM
I actually have one of these too. I wish I could help but honestly, I just plugged the thing in and haven't messed with the settings one bit. Maybe try installing the drivers included on the CD? I never really understood how to use monitor calibration software anyway. ;)