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04-28-07, 12:57 AM
Hey all, I'm sorry to bring newbiness to this forum, but I really really don't feel like doing the research, especially considering most of you on here have probably already done so and would be willing to assist and share/display your technical knowledge (I hope).

Ok, so here is my confusion to be sorted:

I have a 7800GT (yeah, I know it's becoming old, I'm waiting for the 8800GTS to drop in price a bit more), and well, I've had some performance issues, so I downgraded (actually an upgrade) to an older set of drivers which made an improvement, however, the performance improvement came at a cost: I can no longer alt-tab out of my games and run any other type of video content simultaneously. For instance, if I alt-tab out of WoW, and try to play an .mpeg, the mpeg (at least through windows media player) shows a blank screen. This happens with other video sources as well (ie. znes).

The most recent drivers off of the nvidia website fix this problem, but my performance suffers in games and 3dmark in comparison to the older drivers.

Now, the latest drivers I see on the nvidia website are dated back to November of last year (2006), however, I notice that there are people running much higher released versions and/or betas.

So my questions are:

1) Where can I get the latest/best drivers for my 7800 that are beyond what I find on the nvidia website?


2) If updated drivers are available, how come I can't find them on the nvidia website?

Thanks in advance.

My info:
XFX 7800GT (current driver:
Raptor150 (if you have an X, you're dumb. =P)
BFG Nforce4Ultra
2GB Geil

04-29-07, 05:14 AM
I've been using 91.47 for ages now and it seems to work great in everything I've thrown at it.

04-29-07, 11:04 AM
I've been using 91.47 for ages now and it seems to work great in everything I've thrown at it.

101.09 > 91.47

04-29-07, 11:31 AM
I think nvidia last 7 series was 93.71 ,I always used the 91.47 with my 7800GT and had no problems that I remember.

04-29-07, 08:37 PM
101.09 > 91.47
please elaborate. i seriously might try it unless your just bluffing.

05-01-07, 01:48 PM
101.09 > 91.47

Do you have a point here?