View Full Version : Plugin to deal with WoW gold spammers

Son Goku
04-29-07, 08:26 AM
Found these people who flood one's screen with WoW gold spam messages? Well there's supposedly a plugin to deal with it


It's supposed to block these messages from appearing on screen in the first place, while also preparing reports, which automate the creation of reports to the GM, on intercepted gold spams. Just installed the thing, so not sure how effective it actually is.

04-29-07, 11:27 AM
I get gold spams all the time, and I really don't see why it bothers people so badly. I guess I spend more time playing the game than reading chat though.

04-29-07, 01:51 PM
I just turned off my Whisper function. Works good for me.

Son Goku
04-29-07, 03:48 PM
Eh, probably the same reason spam in general does. But it's actually nice to know that someone came out with a mod to start blocking some of it...

Actually, I'll mention one of the stupidest, and inane conversations I ended up getting from a complete random. Meh, I'd have stories to tell Gilthanas of what I kept hearing; but this one was so funny in a stupid way, one could almost fall out of their chair laughing.

Can I have 5 gold to buy a skill?

Your skills don't cost no 5 gold

Can I have it?


I work for this great site called peons for hire. You should really visit us and buy some gold. Then you can give me some, so we can sell it to other people

WTF? :rofl

Oh, and mind you, among things some of these gold spammers do; someone in my former guild on my alt realm (it folded) had their account hacked into by one. Not sure how it happened, but Blizzard banned them for exploiting the WoW ecconomy from a time they were away, and couldn't have even logged into their account.

As it turned out, the gold spammer ended up getting a hold of/using their account, and they successfully appealed the ban after Blizzard was sufficiently convinced they were hacked by one of these people.

05-10-07, 10:23 AM
FYI for you all that don't know what's coming. Blizzard will be blocking the current way gold spammers are messaging you right now in the patch for 2.1.

Currently they can do a /who and from that send tells to anyone on the list. This ability is being blocked (or removed) in patch 2.1.

So Gold Spammers are trying to get their moneys worth right now while they can.