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04-30-07, 06:57 PM
OK first my sad PC specs:

Athlon 3200+ (Barton, IIRC - Stock)
Abit an7-s (BIOS rev 19 - 5.10 nforce drivers for chipset, BIOS rev 4.2.79 - 1.0.56 drivers for Sil Img 3112a SATA controller)
2x 512mb Crucial PC3200 (Stock timings ect.)
Audigy2 ( drivers)
Sapphire x1950PRO AGP (7.2 Catalyst)
WD WD80 Caviar HDD
Enermax Liberty 500w

3DMarks06 4000 (give or take 10 points.)

Now, I see by browsing the site briefly that this site is more about nvidia video cards, and less about the mobo chipsets. But I have to tell you, I'm desperate at this point. I am really hoping one of you nvidia fans can bail me out.

I recently upgraded the PSU, HDD and video card in my PC to what you see above. Previously I was running a Maxtor 80gb ATA drive, a Radeon 9600XT, and a 400w Enermax PSU. Since my upgrade I have had *severe* performance issues in World of Warcraft in any setting with large poly counts(that's the layman in me trying to sound like I know what I'm talking about :-p ). For example: if I am in a main city, and there are lots of players milling about it is at it's worst. But even entering any area with more than a few models to draw is absolute torture.

Please understand three things:

- I did *not* have these issues until I upgraded my hardware. WoW was slow on my old clunky 9600, but it was slow all around, as you'd expect it to be. With the x1950, if I am in an area with few models, it screams. No trouble at all. It's when I hit those really complex(for lack of a better word) areas that it drags down way, way, WAY more than it should. It goes down to far below the performance of my 9600xt in the same areas.

- My new hardware is as solid as solid can be. I have no operabilty issues at all; no crashes, no artifacts. My problem is performance only - presumably only in WoW. The only two other games played regularly on this PC are CS:Source and C&C3. The former runs great. zero issues. The latter seems to do fine. Sure it slows down in intense warfar with huge amounts of units, but no more than I'd expect. And please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that 3DMarks06 score is on par for my set-up.

Through the research I've done, the x1950 is extremely power hungry. Through the same research I've done, if you are suffering from insufficient power, the result is instability and/or artifacts. Thus, I am reasonably certain that power is not my issue, despite the PSU only meeting minimum requirments for the 1950.

- I had tried everything I can think of - short of hacked drivers. I have formatted thrice, trying different orders of driver installation, and anything else I have been able to think of. I've tried so much, it would be cumbersome to list everything here. But, feel free to suggest anything. If I've already tried it, I'll thank you for your idea anyway.

So there it is. Am I simply feeling the results of a performance bottleneck with the CPU/mobo platform? If that's the case, any explanation for actually lower performance with the new hardware in the situation described above? Or is there a more insidious general configuration problem as a likely cause?

Any other ideas? Please? Some 3rd party drivers that might help me out? Maybe this is a known compatibility issue in my set-up that you can point?

Thank you, in advance.

05-01-07, 10:50 AM
Am I simply feeling the results of a performance bottleneck with the CPU/mobo platform?

Yes. WOW can be very system intensive, especially for an old XP. I know going from my AXP/nforce 2 to a similarly clocked A64/nfore3 netted me about 20% performance gain with the 6800gt I was using. The game has spots to make my current systems dip to the 30s in FPS still.