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05-01-07, 02:45 PM
I have a question?

I have an ECS A939 motherboard, I had 2 sticks of Samsung PC3200 Ram running Dual Channel, I have now bought another stick of the same.

My Question is? I can't get 3 sticks to run dual channel, so if there is no way to do that , would I be better to run just 2 sticks in the dual channel mode.

I am running Windows Vista Business.
All ram is 512mb sticks

Any comments will be very gratefully appreciated

05-01-07, 03:24 PM
Or buy a forth stick and run dual channel.

05-01-07, 03:33 PM
No way to run dual channel with 3 sticks. Dual = two, pair, etc.

05-01-07, 03:35 PM
What they ^ said.

05-01-07, 03:57 PM
Thank you for your comments , prbobly buy another stick of Ram.

In the mean time would i be better to run a gig dual channel or all three single 64 bit .

05-01-07, 04:02 PM
Running on XP? I would run 1GB dual channel.

05-01-07, 04:12 PM
Prbobly the same for vista then!

Well thanks for your comments, I have found out what i need to know and will be buying an extra stick of Ram, Vista needs a bit more than XP so I will stick to 3 sticks for now.

05-04-07, 02:47 PM
You will lose about 2%-4% of your performance running it in single channel,I know when I had my 754 A64 3700 single channel with 1meg of L2 cache running at 2.4gig default ,there was'nt much of a difference when I got my s939 Operton 150 running at dual channel at the same speed when gameing.

05-04-07, 08:50 PM
I wasn't aware you could run two sets of dual channel ram in dual channel mode.

I was under the impression that only two sticks in the coloured slots could be dual channel.

05-06-07, 05:21 PM
Will 4x 512 produce dual channel or not , if not i need to sell my memory for 2x 1 gig sticks.

05-06-07, 05:25 PM
Will 4x 512 produce dual channel or not , if not i need to sell my memory for 2x 1 gig sticks.

yep, 4x512 will work.