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05-02-07, 12:55 AM
Got a Freezone thinking it would keep my QX6700 cool and was immediataly bummed because the fan burned out about a minute after install. The TCM was cranked up all the way. So, I RMA'd it and got a replacement two weeks later. Bummed again because the TCM would not adjust the fan speed!! Not wanting to RMA it again and thinking it might be the TCM I went to a local MicroCenter and bought another Freezone. It's TCM didn't adjust the fan either?! Drag. So I took the second one back and installed the RMA unit. Got pathetic temps on my QX6700, idle at 58C. Did some research with the great oracle Google and found that many people were having cooling issues with the Freezone and QX6700.

So, being the cheap ass and not wanting to waste my $299 investment, I wondered how could I mod this bad boy? I dumped my old computer trash bin that I have been meaning to throw out onto the floor and found these parts:


Single Player
05-02-07, 03:04 AM
i had both of them the freezone and the eliminator. did't like them,too much trouble ,so sent them back for a refund.

i'm happy with my Scythe cooler 3.4ghz what can i say! i can go higher buy i think 3.4 is enough for me. it's quiet, much cheaper and safer!