View Full Version : Really tired with new win/linux drivers

05-02-07, 04:21 PM
Actually i registered only to post this thread. I have no idea what guys who develop drivers doing, but with new drivers video cards don't work property. Each time i try to upgrade drivers i must roll back to previous version. This is very sad...

I got - EN7800 GTX - under Windows XP SP2 - driver: 84.21
and laptop with - GeForce Go 7600 - under linux FC6 - driver: 1.0-9631

Both work fine... but when i try to upgrade 84.21 to any new (93.71 for example), HDTV 1080i stop working (i.e. there is no picture on TV, and i try all posible settings, etc, etc)
when i try to upgrade linux driver (to 1.0-9755 for exmaple), DPMS stop work, laptop screen don't turn off, it's just become black and blank, but still working...

Please note that both cards work fine under current drivers/settings/configuration, i just try to upgrade drivers and they did not work with same hardware enviroment/settings/etc... I'm 100% sure that nothing is changed with future drivers and i expect that i just recieve answer like try to change xorg.conf/etc and only solution is replace my current hardware to ATI video.