View Full Version : Best drivers for 8800GTX (XP)??

05-03-07, 09:29 PM
Bloody drivers are popping up faster than Paris Hilton upskirt photos and I was wondering what the best drivers are for a single 8800GTX running Winows XP Pro?

Not interested in overclockability..just best performance and IQ.


05-03-07, 10:22 PM
well im a single gtx + win xp user and im using 158.19 which has been running fine. (using rivatuner for fan settings since its broken in this set).

but its best to just try drivers yourself and find one thats works fine on your machine.

05-03-07, 10:34 PM
I tried those ones and got wierd BLUE bars across the screen in BF2...went back to a 96 driver set and it went away.

05-04-07, 01:57 AM
yeah thats why i said theres not really a "best driver for 8800gtx".

158.22 is out so you can give those a try if you havent already done so.

05-04-07, 09:22 AM
IMO 158.22