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05-03-07, 11:01 PM
Hello everyone,
First both burners use to work with no problems. But now they can not see any DVD. They don't see the ones I burnered and they do not even see my game DVD's. So I cannot play and games that use DVD's. But they do see CD's. I tried and pulled one of the burners out and installed in my back up machine. The back up machine was just formated and a fresh installed Windows XP Pro, all up to date. And it does the same thing. I cannot see the game DVD's or any DVD. Below are the specs of my computer and the burners. Please help!!!:(

Lite-On SOHW 1633s

Lite-On SHW 160P6S05

my main computer

AMD Athlon XP Barton 3200 stock 2.2

ASUS A7N8X Deluxe ver 2.0

2 1 gig sticks of Corsair DDR400 3200

BFG 6800 GT OC stock

Creative 5.1

Maxtor 60 gig 7200 rpm C drive

Maxtor 300 gig 7200 rpm

Western Digital 250 gig 7200 rpm

Windows 2000 Pro all up to date


05-04-07, 02:02 AM
Often dvd's and even regular cd drives are the first things to go, on laptops and desktops. The good news is you can buy a replacement DVD-r drive pretty cheap now. :cool:

05-04-07, 02:30 AM
Latest drive firmware? Bad cables?

Do CD/DVD drives use the same laser for both? I've never thought about it.

05-04-07, 02:32 AM
Offen, I don't know about that. I have friends that are still using there first one they got. My first DVD burner is the Lite-On SOHW 1633s. And it lasted only a year. And I didn't use it much. My second one is the Lite-On SHW 160P6S05. And that one only lasted 6 months. And didn't use it much either.

So if they do go bad fast how many have you replace in 1 year??

05-04-07, 02:34 AM
Checked the cables and they worked fine. And firmware I tried that too.

Latest drive firmware? Bad cables?

Do CD/DVD drives use the same laser for both? I've never thought about it.

05-04-07, 03:06 AM
Wouldn't be the cables otherwise the drive wouldn't even read CDs, PATA cables are very tempermental when they are damaged.

Have you installed any software recently that could have messed around with drivers?

05-04-07, 03:14 AM
On my main machine maybe. But I really don't think that cause this. For the fact I tried these same burners in my back up machine which I just formated and fresh install of Windows XP Pro. And they do the same thing on that machine.

05-04-07, 03:27 AM
The drives are obviously broken then if they do not work on both PCs.

05-04-07, 03:37 AM
I'm lost here. I haven't either of them that much. And what could be broke? They both can read CD's. But they cannot read DVD's...

Xion X2
05-04-07, 03:42 AM
DVD burners will read as CD drives in Windows unless the original burning software is installed lots of times. Maybe you uninstalled it by accident. Was there burning software that came with them when you purchased them? If so, try and track it down and install it.

05-04-07, 03:52 AM
I tried that to.