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03-24-03, 01:54 PM
I figured it would be good to have a thread for fx ultra owners to post thier card configurations(display property settings) as well which drivers they are using in order to help find the "sweet spot" for this card. my settings are as follows:

for games such as mohaa/spearhead, and ut2003:
i use the quality setting w/ 4xaa, and 8x af, vert. sync off, and 43.00 det drivers. I am using 1280x1024 resolution.

unfortunately i have not been able to crank the i.q settings enough to come close to the i.q i have using my 9700pro, w/o losing too many frames, and thus performance.

I suppose sytem info and benchmarks would also be benificial in a post like this in order to get a even better idea of what this card can and cant do.

p4 2.53@2.7
p4t533-c asus mobo
1066mhz rdram (samsung)
120gb western digital hd
tdk velocd 48x burner
pioneer dvd-115
cooler master alum. case w/ 2 front intake, 1 rear/1top exhaust fan
audigy sound card
klipsch thx certified soround speakers
windows xp pro sp1

btw: i have been experiencing low 3dmark scores. approx, half the marks that i was recieving w my 9700pro. any ideas guys?

03-24-03, 06:00 PM
the only drivers that will give you higher scores in 3dmark is the 42.68... but they are supposly cheating. i got a score of 5000+ with those drivers.

i am currently using the 43.03 drivers... imo it has great iq and it fixes all the shadow problems i was having with u2.

for games....
in u2 i run at 1600x1200 all options maxed... no aa or af
really though... it depends on the game... hitman2 i can pretty much max all the options out

system specs in sig.

03-24-03, 07:45 PM
1 week ago in this exact rig I had a 9700pro, I switched to the 5800ultra this Saturday. My score with the 9700pro was 4829 in 3dmark2003.

My score with the ultra was 3330


I used the 43.03 drivers because the 42++ would not recognize the card.

Negative 1500 points from the 9700pro??????


Help guys, this does not make any sense.


03-24-03, 08:08 PM
try the 42.68


03-24-03, 08:48 PM
Unfortunately it seems that i have lost approx 1,000 benchmarks in both 2001se and 3dmark03 compared to my rig with my 9700pro . Maybe the 50.00 series drivers will work some kinks out when they arrive. Dont get me wrong im all about actual in game performance, but loosing over a thousand marks is not to cool.

So for over all gaming, which drivers do you guys think is the best?

2001se w/ 9700pro
2001se w/ fx ultra
3dmark03 w/ 9700pro
3dmark03 w/ fx ultra

03-24-03, 09:00 PM
Yes, that is the question. Which are the best (speed+quality) drivers for the 5800ultra when it comes to gaming features and performance?


How do I enable overclocking without a third party utility?

03-24-03, 09:02 PM
cool bits! it adds something to the registry and enables an overclocking tab in display properties

you can find it at www.guru3d.com

03-24-03, 09:59 PM
..but what about the fact that the gffx ultra changes it's clock speeds depending on 2d or 3d mode?

Won't coolbits settings screw that up?

How does it know when to apply what speed setting?

Shouldn't there be "two" sets of slider bars?


03-24-03, 10:41 PM
There is overclocking available for both 2d and 3d modes separately!

03-24-03, 10:51 PM
i had it in the rig in my sig for testing purposes

03-25-03, 02:13 AM
I doubt GFFX needs any overclocking on the 2d side heh, GF3 speeds are enough:p

03-25-03, 02:38 AM
Originally posted by [eNv]-LORD-eX-Bu
I doubt GFFX needs any overclocking on the 2d side heh, GF3 speeds are enough:p

what if you wanted to test solitaire :D

would be sweet to oc 2d to test how much faster solitaire is :D

03-25-03, 02:39 AM
rofl, blazing cards:D

03-25-03, 09:11 AM
have u folks actually done proper comparisons in games rather than 3dcrap2k3?

03-25-03, 09:40 AM
1 week ago in this exact rig I had a 9700pro, I switched to the 5800ultra this Saturday. My score with the 9700pro was 4829 in 3dmark2003.

-Curious minds want to know why you upgraded. :confused:

03-25-03, 12:54 PM
have u folks actually done proper comparisons in games rather than 3dcrap2k3?

Yes, zenmaster i have been doing real world testing. I have played (and studied)the following games on both cards: ut2003, mohaa, mohaa spearhead, and splintercell so far. What it seems to boil down in my opinion is that both cards run well, yet the 9700pro seems to be able to squeeze more i.q and a little more fps than the ultra. Both cards are able to run at high resolutions w/ some sort of aa and or af while remaining smooth. As previously stated i run mohaa and spearhead @ 1280x1024 w/ 4xaa and 8xaf on the fx ultra, while i can run the same resolution w/ 4aa and 16af on and still maintain a slightly higher frame rate on the 9700pro. On the other hand, at these settings i find the fx to have a smoother feel to it although its hard to explain exactly how. These findings are based on the fx ultra w/ 43.00 drivers and the 9700pro w/ cat 3.2. I need to start trying other nvidia drivers to try to improve i.q.-this is just a brief synopsis, and i dont really think one card is really much better than the other overall, they each seem to have thier own strengths and i dont believe that the fx's true capablilities will not shine through until there are mre dx9 games as well as games utilizing cg:afro:

03-25-03, 08:00 PM
I "Upgraded" from the 9700pro to the Ultra with the impression I could squeeze more out of it in terms of OpenGL games.

I wanted to play doom3 and a few other choices without the damn stutter that the 9700pro was notorious for. By the way, I got an additional 35fps out of doom 3 with the ultra, than I was getting with the 9700pro.

I don't quite buy it that 3dmark's score is anything of real consequence. BUT a 1500 point drop from the 9700pro to the ultra DOES bother me.

When I pre-ordered the ultra I ws under the impression it had a lot more in reserve. Now that I have it... I wonder.

I guess I expected a better product out from NVIDIA.

So... what's the best driver for the 5800ultra and what's the best driver for opengl for the ultra.

POINT # 2 Overclocking

There are not seperate sliders for the overclocking for the 2d and 3d modes of the ultra. With coolbits there is only one slider for core and one slider for memory. Hence the ORIGINAL QUESTION:

HOW do you overclock the 5800ultra's 3d mode only????

03-25-03, 08:03 PM
the best driver for 3dmark is the 42.68's... you might lower the iq though... i dont notice any difference. i get 2000 points higher... 5,130 3dmarks in 3dmark 2k3.... not bad. i am currently using the 43.03 though... simply because it fixes the shadow bug in unreal2...

03-25-03, 08:09 PM
btw... im currently watching a live interview with an nvidia employee... he said new drivers are coming later this week from nvidia

03-25-03, 08:13 PM
NNNNNNNNNNNeeeehwwwwwwwwwww Drivers?!?!?!?



maybe the Det 50?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

We sure could use a boost down here in the 5800 ultra trenches.


03-25-03, 09:16 PM
Venturi, w/ coolbits installed there are two sliders as you said one for memory and one for core. Now if you clik on the down arrow next to where it says 3d mode it will switch to 2d mode allowing you to set 2d core and memory, and also 3d core and memory independently of each other. This is how it works on my pc w/ my card and driver combo anyways.....

oh yeah , bring on those new drivers! we do definately need em!!

btw, looks like you and i are in the same boat venturi, ive been debating putting my 9700pro back in until the solid drivers started coming out, but i m definately gonna wait for the det 50's before i think of going back:afro:

03-25-03, 10:48 PM
I "Upgraded" from the 9700pro to the Ultra with the impression I could squeeze more out of it in terms of OpenGL games.

-Stuttering in OGL was fixed with the 3.2 Catalysts. :afro2:

Doom3 isn't even officially out yet. :angel2: