View Full Version : I need help on recover file in my Harddrive

05-04-07, 11:11 PM
I Copy all my important file from Drive C to drive D before I started refomat my window which was on C drive . when I done with all installed software to my new clean window, i tried to get back to D drive to get some my file , unfortunately the D drive keep asking me fomat the D drive !! wth V_V, what should i do ? i dont want lose all my stuff...

05-04-07, 11:46 PM
Did you also save it on other HD? Or laptop?

Sorry for my s****y**ss comment, but I did lose all my stuff, but luckily I saved them on my laptop. When I set up 2x36GB Raptors, and I had officially lost everything on my storage drive for accidentially formatting that drive instead the one I wanted to. It sucked so bad, then I put everything from my laptop to that HD I wanted. I did lose all my pictures and videos. :( Damn it sucks... UGH.

But anyway, when I accidentially wiped out my storage harddrive, I tried accessing to that drive, and it asked me to format before use. There's no way around it, because I think you really lost everything. I may be wrong though.. Could have disconnected the drive before formatting, because THAT is a lesson learned for me.

05-05-07, 12:29 AM
1: Right-click "My Computer" and click "Manage"
2: Under the "Storage" section, click Disk Management
3: Take a screenshot of what you see so we can help you further.

05-05-07, 04:56 PM
don't write everything to the hard drive on the D partition and use this program called get data back (http://www.runtime.org/) for NTFS