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03-24-03, 01:48 PM
Link to few more pics GameSpyDaily (http://www.gamespydaily.com/news/screenshots.asp?id=4879)

Looking good :D

03-24-03, 03:10 PM
i want it now:D

03-24-03, 03:33 PM
Looks good, but I wish the pics were larger. Can hardly even tell what some of the shots are.

03-24-03, 04:30 PM
Originally posted by -=Gib-McFragger=-
Jaggies, oh the horrible jaggies......:eek:

they don't have a decent card to run the game at :lol: its not the games foult they have jeggies :p

but yes bigger pictures would be better with 4xAA or so , but the less we know the better if they overhype the game to much we gonna loose the WoW factor when its released ;)

03-25-03, 06:17 AM
Hmm, maybe there's jaggies because those are pics from the Xbox version, since TVs only run at 640x480 and blur pictures the jaggies wouldn't be as noticable (though it still eludes me why most games don't use at least 2x AA on Xbox, it's not like the Geforce 3 can't do 640x480 with AA!). Either way, quite nice, graphics aren't quite as good as Doom 3 but environments are a lot bigger and it will probably run much better too. Just wish they'd actually tell us when this game is coming out, "later this year" isn't very specific, but it's definatly one of my most anticipated games. Now if only they'd make System Shock 3...*drool*

03-25-03, 01:00 PM
yeah System Shock is one of best games , i playd SS 1 and 2 , these were the good old days :rolleyes:

03-26-03, 03:21 AM

Direct linking not allowed so click here (http://www.computerandvideogames.com/front_index.php?) / then DeusEx Invinsible War Icon / then back of the page SCREENSHOTS SIGN

There is realy alot of them :eek:

03-26-03, 07:16 AM
Oh god I want this game!! but then I release its a port over from a console version, so its going to be dumbed down and have less features to use, great:cry: