View Full Version : 8800GTS; second monitor trouble

05-06-07, 07:36 PM
So I decided to pull out my old 17 inch LCD VGA monitor and use it as a second display to go along with my 37 inch Westie. The 17 inch LCD is a legacy VGA, so I needed to use the VGA to DVI dongle in order to connect it. So I connected it, restarted Windows Vista, and the monitor shows up in both the Nvidia control panel and Vista display settings (even the monitor name and model number), but no video signal is being pushed to it.

I Googled and searched the board to no avail; any ideas?

05-06-07, 08:28 PM
Try connecting your 17inch monitor by itself and see if it's even working still. Also, make sure the resolution for the secondary display is within range of your 17inch monitor.

05-06-07, 08:50 PM
Had to do a full shutdown, kind of realized that after restarting three or four times and not being able to get it to work. Did a full shut down in frustration, came back later to turn it on, and voila. It works.