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03-24-03, 04:02 PM
I'm just curious to see what everyone is spending there SP time on. Here are the games that I have finished in the last couple of months. Enclave which I flew through in two days a-lot of fun but very short. 007 NightFire, 4 short days and it was over. Myth II SoulBlighter -LINUX- I've been slowly working on this game for the past 8 months and finally put some time into it and really started to enjoy it all the way til the end. Warcraft III, every night for two weeks after work to tackle this one. And the final game that I finished Heretic II -LINUX- a neat game with some lousy controls but I finished it up. The order above is from the most recent beat to the least recent.

Just started Giants: Citizen Kabuto. I know it's a few years old but when it came out I couldn't afford it. So I bought it off eBay for $5.50 and spent the last 6 hours terrorizing islands.

03-24-03, 05:10 PM
The last game I beat was the Legend of Zelda for the nes.

03-24-03, 05:30 PM
My Last Game I finished was Enclave to hehe..yesterday, as you said great game but a little to short.!

BTW I am eagerly awaiting the 9800 pro ..now a got a ****ty ;) Gforce 4600 and can't play with some eye candy ( AA and/or AF)
and that is to bad but hey sometimes you cant have it all..:eek:

03-24-03, 05:47 PM
i just recently finished unrealII.... now im working on hitman2... that game can be a pain sometimes:rolleyes:

03-24-03, 06:38 PM
recently as in a couple of months ago for me...

-hitman (on hard for the 4th time, total time 3hours and 49 min quick and 9+ hours if i decide to kill all the badies )

-hitman2 (on hard for the 1st time, 6 days approx)

-chrono trigger for the n'th time:D (total time 9 days approx)

03-24-03, 07:01 PM

-Only game worth beating recently... working on Unreal 2 atm.

03-24-03, 08:09 PM
in the past week I have finished MOH - Spearhead... Unreal II... Splinter Cell... Deus Ex ( I can't get enough of it :) )

am currently working on C&C generals...

for those who might think I spend too much time on games... well Spearhead and unreal II took me a day and a half... leaving the rest of the time for Splinter Cell.. I was already @ the end of Deus Ex... but since I finished it @ the end of the week :)

03-24-03, 10:41 PM
super mario bros.

03-25-03, 07:43 AM
A friend of mine and I just finished playing Ghost Recon, Desert Seige and Island Thunder in COOP on Elite with 5 lives and 20mins per map, took us just over a week, but it was a blast. Does that count as a game I finished? :p

03-25-03, 09:59 PM
Just finished Return to Castle Wolfenstein about to start on Alien vs Predator.

03-26-03, 03:04 AM
Wow alot of people are Working on finishing the game :eek:

Can i ask you gentlemen , how much does this job pay ? :p
Would be sad to work days and days for free :lol:

03-26-03, 06:36 AM
Star Trek: Elite Force. Took all of about 3 hours. Couldn't stop playing. Great bot AI. :)

03-26-03, 08:57 AM
In the past few months, I've comlpeted a campaign of Medieval: Total War (Spain rules the world!) and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. I'm in the midst of Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell, but I keep getting distracted by Morrowind (the black hole of time).


03-26-03, 03:02 PM
Dungeon Siege <=== Great Game !!!

Unreal 2 <== Good game!!

Im working on Mafia and trying to stay away from online gaming..I should have beat this one along time ago..This is another great game..

03-27-03, 01:14 AM
I sort of recently finished Unreal 2, and I did recently finish Freelancer....well, there seems to be no real ending, but I did max my level

I enjoyed Unreal 2 but it plays much more smoothly post patch

I loved Freelancer and am still playing it. It's psychotic in how much exploration there is to do. I still haven't explored everywhere!

03-27-03, 12:19 PM
Originally posted by DrFx
BTW I am eagerly awaiting the 9800 pro ..now a got a ****ty ;) Gforce 4600 and can't play with some eye candy ( AA and/or AF)
and that is to bad but hey sometimes you cant have it all..:eek:
Here, let's trade, want my gf3 ti200 that I just got or perhaps the GF2MX/400 that I had for almost 2 years. :D

However I must agree sir, that a 9800 pro is my future as well.

Back to the topic, I beat RTCW a few days ago because I finally had the powa to run it at decent FPS.

03-27-03, 02:02 PM
Well, the last game I beat was Metroid Prime for the Gamecube. Very good game, with graphics on par with Unreal 2. It's been a long, long time since I spent any money on a console...

On the PC front, I've recently beaten:

Age of Mythology
Baldur's Gate 2
Super Metroid (SNES, emulated)
Final Fantasy 4 (SNES, translated, emulated)
Heroes of Might and Magic 3
Fallout 2

Now let's see how much this hurt my grades this quarter...