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Electronic Punk
05-08-07, 04:22 PM
Just got my hands on the 32bit and 64bit drivers for Vista and the 64bit version for Windows XP 64bit. (32 bit release was posted here (http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=90973) the other day)

They are dated the 27th April and other than that I don't really know at the moment as I haven't checked them out for myself yet.


Will be available there until "better" mirrors inevitably spring up.

Let me know your thoughts on them!

05-08-07, 04:33 PM
Why's the XP32bit rar'd and all others zipped? (just curious if they staggered the release)

Electronic Punk
05-08-07, 04:35 PM
Its the same file from the thread in the "NVIDIA Forceware Drivers" section, grabbed it from the original post in that thread, was bored and thought I would complete the set.

05-08-07, 06:53 PM
Do these have the added DV for 8800s?

05-08-07, 07:08 PM
nice, will give it a try

Electronic Punk
are you the same Punk from neowin?

05-08-07, 07:11 PM
Do these have the added DV for 8800s?
Nope :|

05-08-07, 08:39 PM
These drivers (Vista x86) fixed a problem I've had with 158.24 and earlier drivers, specifically a black sky with HDR rendering enabled in Far Cry.

Electronic Punk
05-09-07, 01:55 AM
I'm the same electronic punk everywhere :p

05-09-07, 02:38 AM
Didn't fix anything for me. Didn't break anything either though.

Electronic Punk
05-09-07, 04:53 AM
Well they are only a day newer than 158.24 so I wasn't expecting miracles :D

05-09-07, 05:07 AM
would love to get some sli feedback on these..

05-09-07, 08:47 AM
Can someone post comparisation scores 158.18/ 158.24 vs 160.03? :cool:

05-09-07, 10:15 AM
Are you on the Creative forums EP? and are you the same Nekro from Neowin? :)

05-09-07, 10:24 AM
Yes, but I rarely go to neowin anymore, to many immature kids on there now

few others

Electronic Punk
05-09-07, 10:45 AM
Yeah, my site is affliated with both nvnews, neowin and I just go over and post sarcastic comments on Creatives forums... and will for the next 4 weeks when the next drivers are supposed to be released. I post on alot of forums with this handle.

I guess I post sarcastic stuff everywhere :p

Anyway - drivers!
I have them running on mine and they are lovely but I haven't really had the chance to play any games yet!

05-09-07, 01:15 PM
WOOHOO! Many, many thanks for the drivers. Overscan correction is now enabled in Vista with these.

Me love you long long time. :kiss:

05-09-07, 02:15 PM
Here is a new version of XDC (A driver cleaner) (Some new files are added in 160.03).

Changelog 0.1:
- Improved filecleaning for NVIDIA
- Basic ATi filecleaning
- Added NVIDIA registrycleaning
- Improved layout
- Internal fixes

If someone still has leftovers, PM me the filename and path, or write it here. Then I can add it to the next version.

- Uninstall using the driver's uninstaller.
- Reboot.
- XDC.


05-09-07, 04:37 PM
Apparantly this fixes the 4GB SLI issues with 64bit Vista, testing and reporting back soon.

Thanks for the heads up.


Yes, CONFIRMED, Vista 64Bit SLI users can now enabled all 4Gb of RAM with these drivers, brilliant.

05-09-07, 09:48 PM
Wow,(nana2) very good driver here!

vista:64 ultimate
evga 8800 gtx
p5b deluxe wifi

05-09-07, 10:07 PM
Wow,(nana2) very good driver here!
I agree. After using it for both HTPC purposes and gaming I haven't run into a single complaint. Since few people are responding to this thread I'd have to believe that most everyone else that have tried them are having success as well since bad drivers normally elicit plenty of complaints.

This driver restores my faith in NVIDIA. They are finally making a comeback in the driver department.

Better late than never.

05-09-07, 10:10 PM
Hopefully these will fix my video crash issues...

Apollo 13
05-10-07, 12:07 AM
not many posts...I quess not to many ppl care.

05-10-07, 12:39 AM
good driver sets.
btw ntune disappeared from nvidia control panel

05-10-07, 12:59 AM
Great drivers so far. I wonder if this is the set they're going to release in a "few days"

05-10-07, 03:14 AM
Does OpenGL work with these? 165.01 did not have OpenGL functional..

Alternate download: http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=1635

// EDIT: OpenGL is working, Quake 4 runs great with these.