View Full Version : Playing The Game & Benchmarking It, Should There Be A Perfomance Diffrence?

05-09-07, 05:02 PM

Before i begin i just want to mention that i am a noob/beginner in the graphics card field.

I got my EVGA e-GeForce 8800 GTX KO ACS3 week ago and so far i am very pleased with it.
Though getting this card has also awakened my interest for graphic cards and gaming.:D
So i follow this forum every now and then just to get an update on news regarding my graphic card.

Past week I've tested several games and benchmarking tools to confirm the performance of my GF card. Normally comparing the results with different reviews on the net.

Though yesterday i installed Serious Sam 2 and ran the game.
I was pretty sure that this game would run smoothly with all settings maxed out.
Hmm I must say the result wasn't that impressive. There was some occasionally lag in the first part of the game. But of course most of the time it ran smooth.;)

Well I found a benchmark of the game on the net. Done with the HardwareOC's benchmarking tool for Serious Sam 2. The results were amazingly good.

So finally to the point of this post i downloaded the same tool and ran the same benchmark.
My average fps is 191. I played that same level running FRAPS and my fps wasn't near the fps in the bench.

So is there a a difference in actual gameplay end benchs?

Thanks in advance.:rolleyes:

05-09-07, 05:12 PM
There should'nt be any difference unless the benchmark is running in a less-stressing situations than actual gameplay.

an exmaple for that : a regular benchmark on the beginning or in mid-level in Serious Sam 2 will score much better results that fighting a boss in actual gameplay.

in general though the benchmark should represent the actual gameplay performance . a good exmaple for that would be FEAR.

05-09-07, 05:20 PM
Thats very strange. The bench tool is running the game with maxed out settings.

Or so i hope. In the tool itself you can disable/enable HDR adjust antialiasing mode and anisotrophic filtering. and these settings I've maxed.

05-09-07, 05:25 PM
I'm was not talking about the game settings. i'm talking about stressing situations where you have more characters on screen for exmaple which requires additional GPU power than normal situations. (more polys , dynamic shadows , light sources .. etc).