View Full Version : XP vs Vista temps(CPU & GPU)!

05-10-07, 07:30 PM
Has anybody else noticed that the temps(CPU & GPU)run hotter under vista?
My 8800GTS runs at 48c under XP and my CPU runs 35c-36c under XP,(im using dual boot)as soon as i boot into Vista my temps rise to 50c-52c on my graphics card and around 39c on my CPU! ..... how come? ... does anybody else have this happen?

05-10-07, 07:46 PM
Assuming you have Aero turned on, I don't think it should be too surprising. The power to drive all the eye candy has to come from somewhere, which means a CPU and GPU that are working more than in the 2D and less busy environment of XP, thus higher temps.

05-11-07, 05:41 AM
for the gpu it doesn't lower the clocks down to 2d speeds either does it?

Single Player
05-11-07, 06:45 AM
for the first hour or so cpu temperature is high in vista,but then it gets lower. ( with aero and dreamscene) my idle temperature was 48-46 two hours ago, now it's 40-42.

05-11-07, 07:09 AM
my 8800gtx runs quite a bit hotter in vista too, thats because of the 3d desktop, and being in 3d mode all the time.

Apollo 13
05-11-07, 08:14 AM
hmm....I need to reinstall XP then so I can get better clock on my CPU because the heat is what's holding me back.