View Full Version : Thermalright HR-03 Plus, overclocks & temps!

05-13-07, 06:02 PM
Ive had my HR-03 Plus on my GTS for afew weeks now with AS5 thermal compound, up to now im really happy with it .... i have the card running (bios flashed) at 630MHz clock core, 1450MHz shader clock and 990MHz(almost 2.0GHz) on the memory! ... it idles anywhere between 47c-50c and under load ive never seen it pass 62c! ..... the thing is i dont wanna push it to hard(especially the memory)i know its running pretty damn cool but to you think im stressing the clock core or memory to much?(i dont wanna fry the thing)

Ive ran 3DMark06 alot of times with no artifacts or problems and in games i have had no problems at all! ... it seems very stable!

My question is basically as said above do you think im pushing it to hard/far?

I can get the card right up to 635MHz clock core then i start seeing artifacts in 3DMark06(especially firefly forest)

Is there any such program that will allow me to view the temps of my clock core and memory separately?

05-13-07, 06:05 PM
Increasing clocks do not damage components, heat and voltages do.

05-13-07, 06:22 PM
62C is nothing.... hell .. my GTX idles at 62C. If you are seeing artifacts at that low temp you may have just hit the cards stability limit on the clocks before it needs more voltage.

05-13-07, 06:43 PM
Well i found a nice little program called everest ultimate that is reading all temps fine, it shows my GPU Memory to be running at 44c! ... anybody any ideas what safe temps for the VGA memory could be?

05-13-07, 09:44 PM
I think you are pushing the memory to far ,since it has 1.2ns memory on it and really it is 1.25ns which is just 800mhz unless you are lucky and have the 1.1ns memory ,but most GTS have the 1.25ns.Have you ran ATITOOL and see if it shows any artifacts at that speed.Mine will benchmark all the 3Dmark benchmarks and games and I see no artifacts but when I run ATITOOL it shows artifacts ,it not until I back it down to 950mhz or 1900 that I see none.

05-14-07, 10:15 AM
So its best to keep the memory at 1.8GHz or 1.9GHz max?

05-14-07, 10:19 AM
Overclock only your memory with the ATItool and once it starts to do little artifacts deduct like 20-30mhz and you are good to go. Thats what I did with my GTX but I think the GTX has different spec memory.

05-14-07, 10:35 AM
Im running ATItool as i type, ive never used it before! ... just afew noobis questions.

1) i had the memory at 950MHz, i didnt see any artifacts but i notied the NO errors for (time) countdown time reset! what does this mean?

I clocked the memory down to 900MHz and am running the test again its been going for over 10 mins and the time has not reset!?

Whats the recommended time to run ATI artifacting tool for?

05-14-07, 10:46 AM
It automatically raises the clock and then it does a "heat" run and then it resets the timer and again raises the clock. Eventually you will see tiny yellow artifacts but it will still keep raising the memory clock because it doesnīt recognize the artifacts until they get worse. Iīd stop before that happens and deduct the 20-30mhz right when the first yellow artifacts appear.

Finally, donīt depend only on the ATItool artifact tester, make sure you test with rthdribl, 3dmark05/06, and your games as well.