View Full Version : buzzing OCZ 8800gtx

05-13-07, 09:55 PM
is there any recent 8800gtx buyer suffers from buzzing card on game play and stress test software like rthdribl or atitool?

my is really messed up.....

05-14-07, 12:33 PM
Could you describe it a little more? (Like is it constant, really loud or just loud enough to notice it) It might not be the card at all either. If you just put in that new card into your rig, it might even be the PSU that is creating the noise and not the card. What PSU do you have in your rig?

05-14-07, 01:32 PM
this is what i posted on corsair's tech support forum.. still waiting for a relpy

Hi there, I have a very weird problem with buzzing and I have run out of ideas for testing.

I have a seasonic 500watts and an ocz8800gtx video card. a evga 7900gt ko video card and the recently purchased Corsair 620HX 620watts

a. with setup of
i.seasonic 500watts + evga 7900gt
ii. corsairs 620watts + evga 7900gt.
on idle or load the system is very quiet. no buzzing at all running games, 3dmark06 or ati tool stress test.

b. with setup of
i seasonic 500 watts + ocz8800gtx
I can hear faint to loud buzzing from just the video card, whenever I run 3dmark06 and ati tool. Games like counterstrike source has no buzz but Oblivion has very loud buzzing as I've turned on the max setting.

to see if I am running out of power and in preparation for future upgrades, I went ahead and purchased a Corsair 620hx from directcanada.ca
so setup of
ii corsair 620 watts + ocz8800gtx
the situation has gone worse. I can hear much louder buzzing from both the powersupply and the 8800gtx video card now even counterstrike source produces buzz.

This is so bizzare. I have already rma'd once my video card and am prepared to do a second time(this time directly with oczcustomer service, instead of retail store)

Am I missing something here? On idle the corsair is as quiet as my seasonic s12-500 but it's cant match my seassonic on load, even though both seem to have a problem.