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05-15-07, 08:30 PM
I am having an issue with clone mode using a 7900GS and the 91.47 driver. As the primary display, I have a Gateway FPD2185W connected via DVI @ 1680x1050. The secondary display is a Westinghouse LVM-47w1 connected via VGA - ideally I would like to see the image cloned over to the secondary display at the original resolution of the primary display, even though it would not 'fill' the entire 1920x1080 offered by the LVM-47w1. My assumption (and hope) would be that it would appear almost as a 'window' in the center of the screen.
No matter what resolution is chosen for the secondary display, it appears to output a maximum of 1280x1024, and can only be lowered, not raised to match the resolution of the primary display.
If the displays are 'switched', the resolution is correct for the VGA-output (1920x1080), however the DVI-attached Gateway then is forced into pan mode as the screen area of the new 'primary' display is now larger than the secondary...very annoying as this really is used as the primary display.
Dual View does output the correct resolution to both monitors, but this is not the option I want to use- any suggestions ?

05-16-07, 07:48 PM
When using Clone Mode the secondary display can be equal to or lower than the primary display's resolution. The secondary display can't go higher than the primary display.

05-17-07, 12:22 AM
Which I would be very happy with, however the secondary display is currently limited to 1280x1024 with the primary @ 1680x1050- very annoying. I suppose I will just use Dual-view for full screen video on the secondary display (for 1-to-1 pixel mapping) and switch to clone mode when needed as there seems to be no solution.