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05-17-07, 11:07 AM
Uncharted : Drakes Fortune - on-stage demo <<-- OMFG very nice
Uncharted : Drakes Fortune - trailer
HS - Trailer
HS - On-stage demo
HS - Keeping lookout cutscene
Folklore - Trailer
Folklore - Developer walkthrough (2 parts)
R&C - On-stage demo
R&C - developer walkthrough
LBP - Trailer
EyeOfJudgement - Dev walkthrough
Pain - Trailer
Lair - Trailer
SOCOM Confrontation - Trailer
NBA 08 - Trailer
High Velocity Bowling (PSN download) - Trailer
MLB 07 : The Show - Trailer


05-17-07, 11:12 AM
Lol, seems I made a similar thread just as you did. I don't care if a mod closes mine.

I'm very impressed with almost everything showed off. This is the kind of stuff they need. Hopefully they keep the ball moving at E3.

05-17-07, 11:15 AM
and OMFG


Heavenly Sword - Gamers Day 07 Onstage Demonstration HD


05-17-07, 11:22 AM
I wish they had some more new things... too much of the same. I did sign up for the Warhawk Beta though... and Socom for the PS3 looks nice but I dont know why they are focusing on MP only since well they have Warhawk... guess Socom just has that great of an online following.

05-17-07, 11:26 AM
Ratchet & Clank looks so insane.

05-17-07, 11:30 AM
Naughty Dog doesn't look to be holding anything back with Uncharted.

Perhaps even more notable is the fact that, once the game starts, there won't be any loading at all. Everything is streamed directly off the Blu-ray disc (level data, animation, sound, etc) and while such a feat has been done in other titles, we can't recall one that had this much activity going on as it happened. Plus, the stages themselves are huge -- the area shown to us was only a small portion of a much bigger section and even that had a little bit of everything: hand-to-hand combat, platforming elements, and gunplay like crazy.


05-18-07, 05:32 PM
R&C ToD and Uncharted are going to be my games of the decade. I simply can not wait... They look just perfect. I am surely going to get these ones. I just love the fact that the new R&C is going back to its platform/exploration roots. The graphics... the animation... the gameplay. Everything looks flawless.

I was almost certain in buying the X360 but now I am completely unsure about it. Anyways... I am a huge huge fan of those companies, probably my all time favorites... Got Crash Bandicoot 1-2-3, Spyro 1-2-3, Ratchet 1-2-3-4, Jak 1-2-3-4 at home...

On a side note... Heavenly Swords looks really bad to me (although I am sure it will improve much towards retail release). The combination of a heroine and the Chinese culture just doesn't seem to cut it for me. Waiting for GoW3...

Additionally, too bad they are not showing more of the upcoming Jak and Daxter, Jak PSP, Tekken 6 and DMC4. I wonder what will be the next game from the ICO/SoTC team.. Can't imagine what they are able to pull off with the PS3.

05-18-07, 05:41 PM
im starting to be happy that i own ps3. :) bring on sony! get my money worth!