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05-17-07, 11:17 AM
Gotta be in it to win it! Try your luck guys.


The open beta for Warhawk is scheduled for release on May 24. Participants for the beta will be chosen from sign-ups from the official Warhawk Web site, and producers told us it will be an approximately 780MB download. Even better news: This will be the full game for the beta, complete with all maps, vehicles, and rewards.

05-17-07, 11:22 AM
I did so before leaving for work...

05-17-07, 12:02 PM
Thanks for the heads-up.

05-17-07, 04:02 PM
That's more like it. Decent looking exclusive material.

I think come next February it may even be worth getting a PS3.

05-17-07, 04:19 PM
thanks for the heads up. Hope I get in, the game looks cool and I havent played a decent flying game since crimson skies on the PC!!!!

05-17-07, 06:19 PM
signed as well. :) hope i get picked.

05-17-07, 09:45 PM
signed up a few hours ago. i hope i can get into this beta

05-18-07, 09:40 AM
Did any of you guys get a confirmation email or anything after submitting? I didn't get one but I'm just asking.

05-18-07, 09:57 AM
I signed up yesterday, and have not got any confirmation emails.

05-18-07, 10:28 AM
No, haven't received anything yet.

05-23-07, 09:50 AM
I'm in. :)

login, and check this page..

This is what I see.
Current Beta

You are enrolled in the following Beta Program.

Warhawk Public Beta
Sony Computer Entertainment America
Beta Start 5/24/08 - Beta End 6/26/08

05-23-07, 10:25 AM
Guess I didn't get in then. :(

Wonder if im using the right email that is tied to my PSN Account.

05-23-07, 10:28 AM
Alright! I got that same msg that Bad_Boy got when I logged in. First the 1.80 update and now this....great day!

EDIT: Not trying to get my hopes up but Bad_Boy are you sure that's not just a confirmation that we signed up....or do you know for a fact that we're in?

05-23-07, 10:30 AM
Marvel, Mine tells me about the Rachet and Clank PSP Beta I was in so I wouldn't dout it means your in.

05-23-07, 10:32 AM
If you can, check your account managament menu on your ps3. and then go to "services"

some people have warhawk beta confirmation there, but some reason it doesnt show up on my ps3. It just shows Home Beta.

Heres an example, some reason I dont see this though...

05-23-07, 10:40 AM
Good, I have that too. Maybe yours will come up soon.

Can you confirm that you can be in two betas?

05-23-07, 10:44 AM
Can't confirm that until tomorrow. I hope I'm really in.

05-23-07, 10:55 AM
I have nothing under services. :(

05-23-07, 11:02 AM

I went to check again and this is what I see..

05-23-07, 11:05 AM
Its funny I can get in any PC MMO beta but nothing when it comes to the PS3. Maybe I just that I don't use my PS3 as much as everyone else. :(

05-23-07, 11:06 AM
What type of info did you fill out when you signed up for the warhawk beta?

router/headset type stuff i mean.

edit: even better question, is your ps3 registered?

05-23-07, 11:08 AM
That I have a Bluetooth Headset, Keyboard and mouse aswell as a wireless router.

05-23-07, 11:09 AM
Just for comparison sake I put that I didn't have a headset and I had a wireless router. I didn't answer that final question either since I was at work.

05-23-07, 11:09 AM
That I have a Bluetooth Headset, Keyboard and mouse aswell as a wireless router.

hmm, same info I put in. I assume your ps3 is registered already right?

05-23-07, 11:11 AM
Yup, Has been since day one.