View Full Version : EXPERtool, the best thing ever for my 8800.

05-17-07, 02:08 PM
... at least I think so.

Since there are many driver/fan/overclock issues in this particular forum I thought I would supply you folks with this link ..


its from gainward.

Create a directory and unzip the contents into it, create a shortcut on the desktop to tbpanel.exe, rightclick on the shortcut to choose propperties and give it administrator rights.

It remembers the clocks, for the first time ever I have reliable fan control and the overclock option has safe limits shown with colors for my card which is NOT a gainward card .. its a club3d.

Everything seems to work perfectly for the first time with my card, I hope it works for you .. but I cant ofcourse promise anything.

If this is already known by everyone .. then I appologize, tried to search in this forum but came up empty.

PS: The above is ofcourse mainly if you have problems adjusting the needed settings with your current drivers.

05-17-07, 02:23 PM
Thanks! but already posted a while back..glad u enjoy it :)