View Full Version : Control Panel & SLI Issues

05-18-07, 12:06 PM
Apologies if I'm being particularly thick but I'm having a bit of difficulty and can't pull up any usefull info after doing numerous forum searches.

Hardware spec is as per signature - I'm running 158.42 drivers installed in the usual variety of ways ;) and latest bios for my mobo and Vista Ultimate 64.

Over the last few driver releases I've been unable to run Nvidia control panel at all - if I launch it from Vista control panel it fails to load with a "failed to load CP ver xxxxx". I have no shortcuts to launch it and it doesn't appear in desktop right click context menu.

I've rolled back various driver releases to January but to no avail.

I've checked for left over files but can't find any.

The only thing I can think off is the third gpu I've added but as it's watercooled and jammed in there - it's a bit of a pain to pull in and out but have tried once to see if that was the problem (IIRC) and it made no difference.

Am at a total loss as to what to try next. Everything works ok except no Nvidia CP. Main monitor runs off 8800, secondary monitor off 7950. Was hoping to be able to get sli on main monitor whilst still having 2nd enabled on it's discrete gpu but have been unable to test as no CP.

Any suggestions would be really gratefully received.