View Full Version : Where's the Temp display menu?

05-18-07, 07:05 PM
Well, it looks like Windows Vista doesn't support temperature display as I have tried a few different driver version and it's nowhere to be found under NVidia Control Panel. Anyone has any idea where I can see the temperature? Thanks in advance... (BTW: Using 7960 GX2 and 160.03 now).

05-19-07, 02:32 AM
Found it. I'm having problem adjusting fan speed manually, though. Fan 1 on a GX2 is fine, Fan 2 doesn't keep the setting I set.

11-04-07, 12:58 AM
Where is the Temperature display menu?

I am running 169.04 Vista 32.

I haven't played around with drivers for a long time. I can't find the temperature (or other items like overclocking). Do I have to download nTune for this, or are some parts still in nVidia Control Panel?

11-04-07, 02:05 AM
ntune then in drivers go to customize then advanced

11-04-07, 09:24 AM
Ok, thanks. I was hoping I wouldn't have to install nTune.