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05-19-07, 01:16 AM
I'll simply describe my symtoms, and what I've tried. Hopefully, some of you can shed some light on this.


Over time, my internet performance has degraded considerably on my main machine. Websites can take so long to load, I'm sometimes wondering if I'm on dial-up. It gets progressively worse. It's almost normal speed after a reboot, but as the hours go on, it slows to a crawl. If the system has been on for 12 or more hours, websites simply won't load. The ones that do load tend to take forever, and load without images.

It's not a speed issue though. If I download a file, it goes full speed. It seems to be a problem with "latching on" to a file. For instance, a page like google (one image) loads fast. A page like this takes awhile, as one image wil load fast, then there's a long pause, then another image loads fast, etc. So what happens is, I'll load a couple images, and then the rest don't even load. After numerous hours, I'll just get a "can not connect" message.

What I've tried:

- Switching browsers: Same problem exists with IE7 and FireFox, absolutely no differences.

- It's not my cable modem (Motorola Surfboard). Also, it's not my router. Both PCs are connected, same settings. My wife's PC works fine. I'll load up a website at the same time on both PCs, and mine is a snail.

- It's not likely malware or viruses. I clean weekly with Spybot, Adaware, AVG, and Housecall. Nothing new or suspicious there.

- Drivers are up to date. Only "out of date" driver on my machine is ForceWare (93.71). I'm using NV's reference nforce drivers, since Asus stopped updating their driver page in 2005. On that note, my NIC is on the mobo, an ASUS A8N (nForce 4) SLI Socket 939.

- My motherboard has had problems. The onboard audio has been dead for nearly a year now. I replaced it with an X-Fi. Wouldn't surprise me if the onboard ethernet is dying. It's still under warranty.

So, with that said, what do you guys think? Right now, I'm thinking of RMAing the motherboard. Wouldn't kill me to go a few weeks without my gaming PC, as I have a lot going on now that takes priority anyway.

05-19-07, 06:11 PM
To be 100% sure its not a software thing you could install a fresh os

05-19-07, 08:46 PM
To be 100% sure its not a software thing you could install a fresh os
QFT...sounds like spyware related issuies...

05-20-07, 09:17 AM
What about using safe mode with networking... Same behavior?

How about posting a HijackThis log as well.

05-20-07, 06:21 PM
What about using safe mode with networking... Same behavior?

How about posting a HijackThis log as well.rootkits will still load up in safemode....

05-21-07, 01:04 PM
Hey guys, thanks for the replies. I'll give a better update later, but here's what I got so far.

Typically after a reboot, my internet connection is faster, but still not where it should be. I rebooted into safe mode and browsed for 15 minutes with no issues. I ran adaware and spybot (cleaned 7 things with adaware, nothing with spybot) the rebooted. Been browsing for 15 minutes, and speed seems to be fine.

I have to head out soon, but I want to see how it holds up after a few hours. If it slows down again, I'm going to reboot to safe mode and run it like that for 12-36 hours, and see if it slows down at all.

My guess is, if it slows down, then it is more than likely hardware. If it doesn't slow down in safemode, then it's software, IE, malware.

Thanks for the help thus far, we'll see how it pans out.