View Full Version : Questions about the 8800 GTS

05-19-07, 06:23 AM
Can they be easily watercooled? I have an Asetek kit currently cooling a 7800 GT will that GPU block fit?

On my 7800 GT I have left the heatsinks on the ram for better cooling at the same time as cooling my GPU core, can this be done an 8800 GTS? Will the ram heatsinks stay on a the same time? Do I need to "heatsink" the ram chips?

Does this apply to the 640 mb as well as the 320 Mb versions?


05-19-07, 06:32 AM
You probally will need to buy a different waterblock to fit the 8800GTS since the GPU cip on the 8800GTS is about twice the size of the 7800 Gt,The 8800GTS 640mb and the 320mb are the same size.