View Full Version : FX 4500 driver issues with Asus MB

05-21-07, 07:09 AM
Hey everyone, You may have come across this post in a different area, but I have a major problem with my new PC build.
I have put together a new machine with the following specs'

Dual core 6600 4mb
Asus P5W DH deluxe
Gskill 6400 2gig ram
Seagate Sata 2 320G
PNY/Nvidia Quadro FX 4500
Antec 400W Truepower
Windows XP pro

The machine is ok until I try to install the graphics driver. Then it either shuts down during installation... in the last bit, or it has issues when starting up after a shutdown.
This is a bit odd because if I do a restart its fine. Its only when I shut down, then start the machine. eg if I shut down go to be and turn it on the next morning.
I turn the machine on, the Asus splash screen has some white dots usually in grids across the graphic, then the Windows XP splash screen has Blue dots in grids across some part of it, then when I log in it crashes soon after it has started up.
If I restart its still all bad. If I restart with last known good configuration... no good, Restore... same story. The only way I can get it running again is change the card to the other PCI-E slot and start up, sometimes change it back and forward a few times. Uninstall drivers reinstall etc etc....
I'm using the drivers from the Nvidia web site and have tried others too.
The ones I have tried are...
82.62 Forceware English and international versions.
91.85 Quadro
101.89 Forceware
All for XP of course.
I installed Vista and tried the Vista drivers.... no good either.

If anyone can help me out here it would be a gret help.


05-21-07, 12:48 PM
I don't know, man. Troubleshoot. Do you have access to another motherboard? Try swapping boards out. Try your card in another board, if at all possible. Like I said, I don't know - but try to rule out a hardware problem, if you can.

05-21-07, 07:53 PM
Seriously if the issue is with shutdowns durring or after driver installs I would look at the power supply. 400W with your system specs I would seriously look into something larger, 500+.

Check all your power cables and make sure they are plugged in tightly.

05-23-07, 05:34 AM
I have tried two different power supplies, but the problem was the same. Both were 400 - 420 True power.
I did the extreme psu test and it came out to 328W.
I have successfully installed the driver for the quadro and if I just do restarts when required and never really shut the machine down completely it continues on ok, but considering the machine craps itself when starting up after a full shut down, would you tyhink that the power supply is still at fault?
I was thinking of going the whole way and putting in a Thermaltake Toughpower 850W which would handle a quad core and SLI in the future.
Do you think it will fix my issues ?

05-23-07, 06:05 AM
That was my first thought as well as far as the PSU goes. You might wanna try a larger one, like Hapatingjaky said 500 at least. Could also be a bad GPU. I'm curious as to why you picked a Quadro FX card?

05-24-07, 05:16 AM
3dmax and 3d cad is all I do on a PC. Thats the reason for a Quadro card.
I had a closer look at the PSU and its an Antec TPII 480W Truepower. I would be very surprised if this was not adequate. The machine is not overclocked at all either. I'm wondering if its just the Mb conflictng with the Quadro or driver? I have always used an Nvidia based chipset if I was Using an Nvidia Graphics card and never had a problem until this build where I didnt stick to my rules.