View Full Version : ti4600 video in?

03-26-03, 05:54 PM
Before I go zapping winders off that last machine.... do the linux drivers make use of the ti4600's video-in capabilities?

I've tested it in winders and it actually does a pretty good job of capturing video thru the s-video-in.

So.. was just wondering.. since I'd not seen it in the forum... (though I may have missed it.. heh)



04-05-03, 03:39 AM
Have a look here: http://rivatv.sourceforge.net It's alpha software but works pretty well so far. Also here for more general info: http://www.exploits.org/v4l/

Hope this helps you out.

What model is your card by the way? I just got a Leadtek A280TD MyVIVO which is great for games but has lots of vertical lines on the video input image (under both windoze and linux) think it's faulty... :-(