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05-21-07, 07:17 PM
Hi guys
Just installed this monitor, going from a 913b.
First impression is it's VERY bright compared to the 19", but not unexpected as I had read reviews that pointed this out.
Playing around with the monitor settings ( Brightness/Contrast/Gamma mode) I'm not having much success coming up with a "look" that appeals to me, compared to what I had with the 913b.
I'm wondering if any of you 204b users out there would mind sharing with me what your settings are so I can play around and see how your settings are compared to mine.
Running the monitor with a 7950GX2 card using 93.81 drivers.
Ran the "Monitor Calibration Wizard" software and, as I said, it seems to look ok but still not to my complete satisfaction.
Perhaps I'm being too fussy !!!

cheers and many thanks in advance for your replies

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05-22-07, 07:47 AM
does it not have the magicbright preset settings? my 931bw is way too bright by default so I use it on the Internet setting almost all the time.