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05-22-07, 05:29 AM

I am currently a proud owner of a Dell XPS 700. And so far Iíve not experienced any problems with my computer. Though I wish to change my memory modules because Iíve read that Dell XPS 700 comes with a set of cheap memory modules running at DD2-667 MHz.

I was thinking of making a jump from 2GB to 4GB (2x2GB) and step-up in terms of speed from PC5400 - PC6400.

I have some questions related to purchase:

Would it be wiser to buy 4(4x1GB) sticks compared to 2?
Does the Nforce 590 Intel SLI Chipset support higher memory freq than PC6400?
Would i notice a performance boost in games?

Iíve found 2 set of memory modules I am stuck choosing between.

http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memory/ocz_ddr2_pc2_6400_vista_performance_gold_4gb_dual_ channel


Thanks in advance

05-22-07, 05:57 AM
I recommend A-DATA DDR2-1066 CL5 Extreme Edition (PC8500), they go to 1200 at 2.3V and are 2x cheaper than other brands, while having top quality. Also their cooling is better than most Corsairs / OCZ.


05-22-07, 11:22 AM
Well, firstly which OS are you using? I was tempted by 4gb of ram but in the end went with 2gb based on the fact I am using Windows XP/Vista 32 and due to it being 32bit, I will only end up with 2.8-3.2gb of ram recognised anyway.

But personally, if you are really intent of doing it I would think 2x2gb chips are better and less likely to cause problems. From the benchmarks I have seen at different mhz/timings, timings appear to make as much difference as pure mhz speed. But we are only talking about 3-5fps difference - again this is just from the benchmarks I have seen.

I like OCZ memory and have no hesitation recommending it. If you don't plan to overclock then you might as well base your decision on price (if the 5400 and 6400 are roughly the same price, get the 6400. But don't go all out and get the 8500+ as you won't really see any benefit from it except a lighter wallet).

05-22-07, 04:48 PM

Think I'll go with OCZ memory module set.