View Full Version : xfx 8600gts xt, freezing when trying to start game

05-22-07, 09:39 AM

i have a very anoying problem with my videocard (xfx 8600gts xtreme). When i try to launch a 3d app (game) the system hangs and reboots (for example i can start up halflife 2 enter game look around and than it restarts. When i try 3dmark 05 it runs half off the first test and than hangs and reboots, i can run the test stability test in nv monitor and pc mark 05 (pixeltests) run also fine. I have tried multiple powersuply`s but thats not the problem nor is the processor getting extreem hot. I have just put this system together and it has a fresh install (new harddisk) of windows xp home sp2. I think this is a driver issue because i can run a part of 3dmark half off first test.

The componenst of the system are:
amd 3800+ (single core) (cooled bij coolermaster susurro) gets around 45 celsius.
Dfi lanparty ut rdx200 cf-dr
2*1gig standard pc3200
80gig s-ata disk
xfx 8600gts xtreme 256mb
case: coolermaster centurion 5
psu: zalman 400w + thermaltake pure power express 250w

Or could it be that i have to update the bios on mainbord or something else, i have totally no idee what i am doing wrong

thx in advance
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05-22-07, 10:50 AM
It could be, or it could also be a bad video card. My XFX 6800 GT did the same thing before it went. Luckily mine was under warranty still, and they shipped me a new one.

05-22-07, 10:51 AM
Double check in bios if the memory speed is correct,as well as checking if the memory is running at 1T or 2T,using 2T generally will provide some more stability.Since you have tried multple psu's,I would conclude something is set incorrectly in the bios causing the reboots whenever the machine becomes stressed.You could try the card in another pci-e slot(does the card require an extra power connector?) QUICK EDIT:Yes it does require extra power.It has to be plugged in.

05-22-07, 10:55 AM
The card just might be clocked too high. Try backing off the speeds on the core and memory via the drivers. If that's the case, RMA the card.

05-22-07, 11:23 AM
Don't know about memory running -> T1-T2 how can i check that i dont seem to see that in the bios.

Video off option, can that do something if i put it on always on?

The videocard is connected to the psu so its getting its power.
its just strange that i can open call of duty 2 and play it (no erros, perfect image) and than it just reboots (black screen, graficscard fan full speed -> reboot).