View Full Version : Which HDDs to get (and some questions)

05-22-07, 12:34 PM

I want some opinions on which HDDs I should get:

I am going with Western Digital, I think 3 hard drives total.

Is their WD Caviar SE16 models, for example 'WD3200AAKS' same as 'WD3200KS'? I remember they were named without the two A's in manufactors site, and now they appear. I can find both models for sale but not sure if there is a difference...

After I understand the earlier question...

Is there a differene between the WD Caviar SE16 320GB and 500GB models, besides the capacity? The specs are very similar, is it just the capacity which is dfferent? Will the performance be similar as well? Is there any more risk with the 500GB compared to if I get the 320GB?

I will get 2 320GB or 500GB WD Caviar SE16 drives for data/games, and one more for the OS + programs

What is better, to install programs on same partition as the OS, or create total 2 partitions on one HD and use one partition for OS and the other for Programs?

For the OS (vista+xp)/Programs drive, will it matter if I get another HD like the others (320GB / 500GB WD Caviar SE16) or get a faster 10000 RPM drive? Will the OS run smoother with a 10000 RPM drive?

If I get a WD Caviar SE16 320/500GB drive for the OS, and use the spare space for data/backup, will it affect the OS, or will it run the same?

First, does it matter that these 10000RPM drives are categorized under Enterprise, and not Desktop/High Performance (except the Raptor X)?

If I decide to go with a 10000 RPM drive, the options are:

(I do not any of the two 150GB models, too expensive)

I think the first option is an older model than the second, but not sure which to choose?

I know 10000 RPM drives should be faster than 7200 RPM ones, is it any difference the 74GB 10000 RPM drives use only SATA 1.5 (SATA I) and not SATA 3.0 (SATA II) like 7200 RPM drives?

Are the 74GB 10000 RPM options much noiser than the Caviar SE16 7200 RPM models?

Thats it, alot of questions but shouldn't be too hard.

Thanks for the time!