View Full Version : Dan Vavra speak about Mafia 2 ? Is a dream ?

05-22-07, 08:06 PM
Dan Vavra speak about Mafia 2 Forever :D ? Is a dream ?


Nobody czech in the forum ? God , is true ?

05-22-07, 08:22 PM
No mention of Mafia 2. He just said that Mafia (1) was a linear game with a linear storyline but that it helped to create dramatic/emotional story. They will try to make their next game less linear but not at an expense of losing quality when it comes to story/storytelling.

05-22-07, 08:33 PM
Yes not mention ,

Question: linearity or freedom?
(...and your new game)

Well uhm Mafia was quite lineal, so Maybe I try to do it a little more free, but considering... somebody could reproach that or something... But on the other hand the linearity is a consequence of the fact that we wish to tell something. And tell not linealy a story that has a plot, and would like to tell that plot in a better way than just with some text or something is not done easily, because we just have to prepare all those dramatic moments in such a way that they are really dramatic moments. And because that is more or less a passive thing, so if we do it not lineal, it would not be such a dramatic moment, so its something for something, so we basically try to do it a little bit more free, like some other things (meanig other than the dramatic moments), but not completely free."

My translator - a czech friend ;) - interpretation

However, he does not mention the name Mafia2, nor says that the game he is working on is the continuation of Mafia. He does however compares the lineality of both games Mafia was quite lineal, so I am trying to do this new game less lineal. Acctually, that whole question, was ansewered with a comparation of the new game with Mafia, which leads me to the idea that he is probably talking about a game that is the same genre as Mafia. (it would be senless to compare two games of diferent genre)

Illusion Softworks is working in two games, Moscow Rapshody , and Mafia estile game , "Mafia 2" , not more. But yes, not is clear in what is working Vavra


*On which one did Dan Vávra,the main designer of Mafia,work on?*

*The question was mainly for the IS studios in Brno and Prague. We heard of some projects

you couldnt get publishing licenses?*

"It wasnt really about us not being able to sign them. I really cannot tell you anything

about the games, but we had two different projects we started to work on with a few teams

approximately at the same time. At one time we had to decide which projects we make first

and make one big team of those two smaller ones. We made that decision based on the fact

that publishers were slightly more interested in one of the projects. I wouldnt say they

did not have an itnerest in the other one at all,but in one of the cases the situation was more optimistic and hence whe chose how we chose."

*Could you be more concrete? What genres were they anyway?

"They were third-person action adventures and first-person shooter, and the TPS was the one we had to discontinue. I really cannot tell you more, because we may get back to it in the future."

Dan worked on the project developed here in Prague,the third-person adnventure one. He momentarily works on our project again,which I cannot tell you anything about either. Its a shame, but these things are in the hands of the development which dictates when will the project be introduced to public."