View Full Version : Upgrade Cooler on 8800GTS?

05-23-07, 10:20 AM
I have a nVidia eVGA 8800GTS video card however I would like to upgrade the entire cooling unit on the card and was wondering what you guys recommend? If you guys have any at all suggestions for the 8800GTS, please post here for me...

Thanks so much in advance.


05-23-07, 11:08 AM
Water or air?

I have the Thermalright HR-03 Plus with a Zalman ZM-F2 92mm Silent fan on my GTS with Arctic Silver 5! ......

Keeps my GTS at 49c-51c idle and still has not passed 62c under full load yet!(thats with my overclocks)

05-23-07, 11:17 AM
lost planet works fine for me, when i recorded those temps i tried oblivion@high settings and also 3dmark06...... ill get the lost planet temps if you like and let you know?

05-23-07, 11:24 AM

have you tried installing LostPlanet? what are your temps?

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Thanks for the info!

05-23-07, 11:37 AM
Lost planet (DX10)

Hive Infaltration level

Res 1920x1440

AA - 4X
HDR - medium
Texture filter - 8x
texture res - high
model quality - high
motion blur - high
ect ect ect

i used my logitech G15 lcd display to monitor the temps so i didnt have to leave the game.

sat mostly at 64c, flickered to 65c for afew seconds every now and then but mostly at 64c thats with the above settings.

Again back to the coolers, i dont think you will find a better air cooler than the HR-03 Plus, i know people whos cards idle at around my max temp, i could get it even cooler if i bought a different fan, i just went for silence.

05-23-07, 11:44 AM
zer0 ..... i see you have a JetArt Storm2 ... how does that perform?

05-23-07, 01:51 PM
Please don't hi-jack threads. PM is working fine on the boards.

Thanks for the info!

Dont you think some performance numbers in a demanding application regarding the only aircooler compatible with the 8800-series was relevant to your thread?