View Full Version : Question for the 8800 Users: Who has full screen VMR video output working?

05-23-07, 02:26 PM
Some users are saying they have the option to enable VMR in the new control panel as well as the old, and other like myself seem unable to do so. Just wondering who has the VMR mode working, and how they went about doing so.

My system:

eVGA 8800GTX (Bios 1.001)
WinXP Pro
160.03 drivers (Tried using everything from the 97.92 to this release with no luck)
Old school CRT TV connected through S-Video, running clone mode

I have tried the old control panel mod, and it still has no option to enable VMR mode. I just can't believe that Nvidia would take away this feature, as I have used on all my video cards since my original GF256DDR. Have I got a defective GTX that I should be sending back to eVGA, or is this a driver issue?

Edit: I downloaded Nvtweak and checked off the enable VMR option and it still does not output video to full screen.

05-27-07, 11:45 PM
I have the same problem and haven't found a fix for it yet. Maybe the option got removed because of problems? If anyone has a fix, would be great.

05-28-07, 03:40 PM
win xp pro
Evga 8800gts and 97.92 works with old control panel +registry trick ,but newer 158.19 not work and tricks not help:( So ,i cant use tv-out anymore to watch movies in tv.

There is post that tell how to make 97.92 drivers work. About 2 months old.