View Full Version : Total Overdose: question about and problem with wall walk?

05-23-07, 03:24 PM

I have problems to perform a wall walk, I can wall dodge, but I also need to do a wall walk + headshot in a certain mission, but the problem I have with this, he's always doing a wall dogde

I went to those training facility, but the info is very poor :thumbdwn:

stand to wall, press slowmo and move to wall AND THAT'S IT, but when I try this, the person always wall bounds, somebody can explain me how to do this?


05-24-07, 11:40 PM
He does the wall walk and while he is in midair, you have to then target and shoot before he lands.

05-27-07, 06:16 PM
I mean wall bound, not wall walk :rolleyes:

Sorry I said wall walk but meant wall bounce