View Full Version : trust no hard drive!

08-19-02, 07:05 PM
after being seduced by excellent reliability from Maxtor drives, especially the D740X, i was told today my close friends 80GB D740X has died on him!

This is quite a worry, as ive got a D740X 40GB...

i did actually order a D740X 80GB a few days ago, but they were out of stock, and so was EVERYWHERE else!! So i went for the Western Digital Special Edition instead....

I think Maxtor must be fixing a problem with the D740X for them not to have any stock around.... lets just hope the D740X doesnt turn into another 75/60GXP over time!!

The Baron
08-19-02, 09:31 PM
Drive die. But until the D740X establishes a clear pattern of failing, like the Deskstars... why should you avoid them?

08-20-02, 04:13 AM
you shouldnt, im just saying be wary, and look out for problems!

08-25-02, 03:06 AM
Hope you have better luck with that special edition then I did, mine died in 4 months, and the replacment drive they sent me died in a week.

After that I said to hell with it.


09-04-02, 02:31 PM
Ditto to what Madthumbs had to say. It's not even a matter of if your drive will die - it's really a matter of when. You just hope it won't die while you still have it in service. If you think about what's going in a hard drive you can understand this.

Even with the Deskstar fiasco, I only use IBM drives for myself, relatives and customers. I've never had any problems with ANY of them and I've never found a faster IDE drive.

09-05-02, 12:37 AM
I know all hard drives eventually fail. They are mechanical in nature, and the statement that it's not if, it's when is totally correct. However im rather sour as I've had.. hmm 4 of them die on me in the past year. It's rather expensive, and extremely frusterating.

Also regarding your inability to find a faster drive then what IBM offers, your not lookin very hard, the Special Edition western digital drives are faster. Then again, I had 2 of them die on me. I also had 2 IBMs Die on me before that.


09-06-02, 02:10 PM
I mentioned this in another thread but every review I've read comparing the IBM 120GXP to the 8MB WD said that they basically "traded" benchmarks. Their conclusion was that the 120GXP was better in a desktop environment as it was faster with small files and that the WD was better in a server environment or working with very large files.

Even with all I've heard about the 75GXPs, since it hasn't affected me personally, I consider IBM's quality to be top-notch. WD apparently makes excellent drives now but I guess I can't get over the older days when their drives were crap. And before those days I heard they were "THE" name in hard drives. I guess they hit a bump along the way but have come out of it shining. I still can't get myself to buy one though.