View Full Version : single sided 512MB DDR?

03-27-03, 11:20 AM
Does any company make a SS 512MB DDR and at what speeds are currently available? I cant seem to find info on this anywhere.

03-28-03, 09:09 AM
Don't think you will be able to find any, one thing i know is NEVER Mix single & double sided memory togeather.

03-28-03, 09:24 AM
I know they make 1GB sticks, 512MB per side. So 512MB SS is possible. I have found kingston 512MB SS SO-DIMM for laptops. I Just cant find it for my motherboard which already has 2 256MB GEIL PC3200 Ultra. I guess if no one has an answer I'll have to drop $250 on a 1GB stick, damn.

03-28-03, 09:29 AM
Whats so special about it being single sided?

03-28-03, 10:11 AM
overclocking and my board does not like double sided along with the singles i already have.

03-29-03, 06:46 AM
U might have to look for ECC DIMM's