View Full Version : 2900 XT psu alternative?

05-25-07, 07:22 PM
Hey guys. Me = long time reader, 1st time poster.

My dilema : Have an xps with a 460W power supply thats supposedly unchangable according to threads ive read about my model on the dell forums. I'd like to upgrade to a Radeon 2900 XT due to its dual-link hdcp support, yet its Power requirement is 550W.

I was considering buying the Fortron Source BoosterX 3 as a secondary PSU(Output Power: 300W, Maximum Support: 400W ). Ive read reviews which place the 2900XT's power consumption between 187W and 348W. Sounds like it might just work out. What are your thoughts? Any other suggestions are welcome.

--EDIT-- Just found online articles on "Dual PSU adapters". Basically they connect like this ]---- 2 Psus connecting into an adapter, combining to form a single power line. Sounds like it might work with the BoosterX 3 plan I formulated above. --EDIT--

--2nd Edit-- Was reading that GPUs dont draw in all their power from the power connector, they also draw power from the 16x pci-express slot which is powered by my original PSU... so maybe the combined efforts of the 300W booster X3 and my 460W psu would sufficiently power the 2900 XT?--

--3rd Edit!-- Read that my motherboard outputs 75W via the 16x slot to the video card... Still not sure if thats enough.. ?
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(I realise a replacement PC would probably be much more easier, but Id like to hold off until the x38 is released with pci express 2.0)