View Full Version : VGA connected to DVI have 60Hz Ref.rate

Geoinfo SRL
03-27-03, 01:25 PM
Hi there,

I have visited this forum like a year ago to solve a linux trouble and now I need some help with XP

The point is we bought an ABIT GeForce4 Ti42000 8X - 128MB

We connected two Viewsonic G790 monitors

The card works fine in Linux, both monitors (in the VGA and DVI w/VGA adapter provided) are working at 85Hz of refresh (since seems that dual monitor does not support 100Hz with nVidia cards.

In Windows XP the monitor 1, connected to the VGA port is working at 85Hz, but the one in the DVI port is at 60Hz and cannot be changed.

Is it possible to resolve this??????



03-27-03, 01:45 PM
Have you tried Refresh Force or RivaTuner to adjust your refresh rate?

Geoinfo SRL
03-27-03, 02:02 PM
No I haven't tried that. I have read of another similar app but where not convinced that it could work or not and just didn't.

Now that you recommend it, I'll give it a try and tell about the results.


(I was thought that it should be doable with a manual config. change)

Geoinfo SRL
03-28-03, 02:06 PM
Well, well, well

As I suspected, Refresh Force didn't work. It's to force the refresh on games which usually work at 60Hz. But Riva Tuner showed some changes (it forced something and then the second monitor was on 640x480x60Hz, much worst)

But when I went to Guru3D to download it, I saw that today or yesterday they put a new Detonator version (much smaller by the way..., that's cool) just installed and got it working!!!