View Full Version : just got MLB 2k7....incredible!!!!

05-26-07, 09:09 AM
just got this for the xbox 360. wow. incredible. i can't comment yet on the gameplay but as far as graphics and presentation, it's top notch. except for the crowd, if someone walked in and saw this they would think it was a real game. i was playing the yanks vs cards in yankee stadium. the animation of the players is the most realistic i have ever seen in a sports game. the yankees all have their signature batter's box prehit routines done to perfection. the animation system is incredible. the shadows and hdr is done perfectly. yankee stadium's shadows and lighting is perfectly simulated. it changes throughout the game. as the day game gets longer into the late afternoon hours, more shadows creep in and hdr levels are reduced. damn, you even see the red glow of blood off a player's ear as light shines right through it. the attention to detail in this game is amazing. Jeanne Zelasko from fox sports does the intro. commentators joe morgan and jon miller from espn's sunday night baseball are excellent. recommended. go yanks. :D

05-26-07, 09:50 AM
No word on a UK release :'(

05-26-07, 05:21 PM
I didn't enjoy the demo, but the game grows on you. All you have to do is imagine some of the slow downs are just there for effect, making it look like slow motion

My biggest complaint is the difficulty sliders though. The harder you set it doesn't make it more realisitic. I'm playing on All-Star and the AI can hit a homerun on almost any pitch you give them- and the same goes for you. I hit just as many homeruns with pitchers as I do with more other players. You can adjust the difficulty settings yourself (lowering the power of you and the AI) but then you miss out on some of the achievements that are difficulty dependant... sigh