View Full Version : Oblivion - strange mod file type

Capt. Picard
05-26-07, 09:48 AM
I'm trying to install a mod that will give my character this face (Nec_Character_Eva_ver.1.0-1178140974-TESSource) but on of the required files is this mod "Rens Beauty Pack by Ren:

I downloaded it but the only two files in this mod has this strange extension Ren_BeautyPack_v1_1_addrace.7z; Ren_BeautyPack_v1_1_onlyhairs.7z. How do I install this mod?

The mod "eva" has quite a pretty face :naughty:


05-26-07, 09:53 AM
Thats what its compressed in, you have to uncompress it. Either use Winrar or 7zip to uncompress.

I would use this mod insted, Ren's is great but this mod combines it with many other good enhancements.

05-26-07, 12:58 PM
got a direct link for 'eva' ? :angel: