View Full Version : 8800GTS Question

05-27-07, 05:19 AM

Umm well my current setup is:

AMD 3800+ AM2
7600GT 256mb
1 Harddrive
2GB Dual-Channel DDR

Thinking of upgrading my CPU/Videocard but was not sure if my Antec NEO HE 430W will be sufficient. I checked on some manufacturer website for the 8800GTS and it says minimum 400W PSU, but some say 500w.

I'm thinking of getting a 320 or 640mb 8800GTS and a 5600+ AM2 Dual-Core.

Will a 430W Antec NEO HE be enough with my current setup? i will not be running more then 1 of those cards.


05-27-07, 05:34 AM
I would go with the 8800GTS 640mb and if you are getting a 5600 AM2,IMO I think you need a larger power supply then the 430W Antec NEO HE ,but it puts out a total of 32amps on the 12v rails ,so it will more then likely work if you are not doing any overclocking.