View Full Version : [VISTA] How to copy files to a XP shared drive?

05-28-07, 09:39 AM
I feel stupid for asking... oh well.

I setup a shared drive on my wifes computer (XP) a long time ago. It works fine with another XP computer still. But, on my Vista install I can't copy a file over.

When I try I see the file appear on the Shared Drive, then I get prompts for "Admin approval needed to copy file..." and "write error (something). The prompts keep repeating, and when I cancel the file disapears from the drive. I think maybe Vista just shows the file name there before it actually copies it.

I'm totally confused as to why Vista is having a problem with something so simple. Even if it worked, why would I need a stupid Admin approval window just to copy a file?

Thanks for any help.

05-28-07, 10:15 AM
In the Network and Sharing Center enable Public Folder Sharing and set the permissions for the public folder; or enable sharing (and set the permissions) on the Vista folder you are trying to copy to if it's not a public folder.

05-30-07, 01:00 PM
You need to install a little update on the xp machine so it shows up in your vista network


do a google for that.

Or maybe ive got the wrong end of the stick completely