View Full Version : Stalker bug - can't see world (screenshot included)

05-29-07, 11:35 AM
I finally got the game today after waiting 10 days for it to be deliver (Grr Amazon), got it all installed and ready to play on my new system and WHAM - it doesn't work. :( As can be seen from the screenshot below, when I start a new game that is all I see. I can hear someone talking to me, and text comes up on the screen when I 'walk' forwards, saying 'This door is locked'.


My system is:

Dual Core Intel 6600 @ 2.40GHz
3 Gigs RAM
GeFore 8800GTS

I'm using the latest driver for the GFX card, and I've patched Stalker to the latest (1003) patch with no luck.

Any suggestions?

05-29-07, 01:28 PM
In your nvidia control panel turn off any antialiasing override settings (set to app preference) and try again...I had the same issue.

05-29-07, 04:55 PM
Sorted - many thanks!