View Full Version : Very weird problem with Vista!!!

05-29-07, 03:58 PM

Updated my BIOS to P28 (official Nvidia BIOS received by MSI by mail) and no problems at all, suddenly Windows Vista wanted to be reactivated again (no problems so far, already had this in the past --> also thought MS had released a patch for this?????)

But I did set the BIOS back to default, so now suddenly the soundboard wanted to be installed and that's when MS wanted me to reactivate Vista due a hardware change, tried, didn't succeed, made a phonecall, they are already closed, they work till 10PM GMT+1 and it was 10:15PM

So I did a reboot, went in BIOS, disabled sound and booted back in Windows Vista, had a look to properties of my pc and I see Vista is ACTIVATED again

So I wonder if this is cause I disabled the audio ??? :rolleyes:

Very strange!!!!!!!!!!!